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Temazcal is a ceremony of purification, cleansing, rebirth and communion, one of the first practices that humans received from the spiritual world to reconnect us intimately with Creation. Therefore, it is an opportunity to review our place as caretakers of Life, nurture and cultivate the path in beauty and harmony with Nature and recognize that we are all family.

Let's stop our routine, connect deeply with Mother Earth and listen to our heart, our inner voice. To recognize ourselves as part of the Whole, to recognize ourselves as Water, as Air, Earth, Fire, and from that recognition, from that encounter with the simplicity and purity of Life, heal, let go of what is too much, cleanse us, regain strength, fluidity, joy of living, take care of ourselves, take care of this relationship, in order to take care of the other, the Earth, our body, the Water and our emotions, the Air and our thoughts as well as our instincts , of our strength, of Fire and of our spirit.



Recreated in the similarity with the woman's womb, which is the same womb as Mother Earth, Temazcal is a ceremony where the same conditions that exist in the creation of Life are provided: Darkness, Heat, Humidity and recognition of the 4 elements (Fire, Air , Water and Earth).

The stone grandmothers (abuelites) solidified after receiving the heat in the bowels of Mother Earth and coming to the surface bringing with them the energy from the center of the Earth. They carry information from the oldest kingdom, the mineral. They were fire “converted” into matter, which in the ritual lovingly render us an incalculable service. From them, the mystical journey through the paths of the Universe inside the Temazcal begins, a return journey to Origen. .

These stones are heated and taken by the "man or woman of fire" to a hut that represents Mother Earth's navel. There they are deposited and it is where people gather to receive them. Aromatic plants are used to thank and bless life. These plants are deposited on the stones, where they release their essence when heated by the heat, by the fire stored in these stones. After having the opportunity to breathe this aroma, the doors are closed and all together we share a mystery, a darkness, a moment of depth and union with the Universe.

At this moment the “temazcaleiro” deposits water on the stones. From the alchemy of water and fire, a loving, healing vapor emerges that flows through the entire being that unblocks, cleans, heals, transforms, regenerates and nourishes. In these moments, medicine, knowledge, wisdom that can be aspired manifest and balance. We call this the "memory of the first breath", the memory of the moment when we were conceived.

Physical Benefits:

IMMUNE SYSTEM Temazcal increases the production of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the body. It has been observed that people who regularly participate in the Temazcal ceremony and who suffer from chronic or recurrent illnesses reduce their illnesses and, if they become ill, increase their ability to recover.


CIRCULATORY SYSTEM Through the high temperature and ablution of fresh water and aromatic herbs, an increase in blood circulation is achieved to the most hidden places of the body. Blood vessels dilate in a fabulous way, facilitating the expulsion of toxins from the body, as well as the elimination of uric acid. This movement in the circulatory system also helps to correct problems with varicose veins, varicose ulcers, tingling of the hands and feet, high blood pressure, etc.

NERVOUS SYSTEM During Temazcal there is a relaxing and stimulating effect on the body, helping to treat problems such as stress, insomnia, nervous tension, etc. In addition, it acts on a psychological level, allowing a better understanding of their emotional issues and personal problems.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM In a Temazcal a person can eliminate the toxins necessary to cleanse his body through sweat: uric acid, skin problems, fats, skin impurities and minimization of arthritis. In addition, sweating improves the functioning of the kidneys. All this elimination (fats,

impurezas, etc.) auxilia num emagrecimento saudável.


DERMATOLOGICAL SYSTEM The skin acts as a regulatory mechanism for the body's internal temperature. If the temperature in Temazcal sometimes exceeds 50°C, the body has an internal self-regulation mechanism that does not allow it to exceed 38°C. The skin is like a third kidney, through which accumulated toxins can be eliminated. What happens in many cases, especially in people who live in polluted environments, is that their pores are clogged. With the high temperature of temazcal these pores are reactivated. Skin renewal is stimulated, as desquamation is favored. In addition, it facilitates the formation of the acid mantle, vital in the protection of skin infections.


RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Steam baths are widely used in the treatment of flu, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and rhinitis. When the temperature is raised and the steam is combined with the aroma of medicinal plants, the airways are automatically cleared. Its irrigation is also activated in an impressive way, reaching seven times the normal conditions. There is an increase in blood flow which, together with the expansion of the lungs and bronchi, facilitates the expulsion of accumulated toxins.


MUSCLE SYSTEM Temazcal allows for relaxation of the muscular system. It relieves muscle contractures (shrunk of a muscle), back pain (from the shoulders to the chairs), pain in the joints, tendons, etc., thanks to the effects of temperature and the oily aromas of the plants that are used.


LABOR AND POSTPARTUM In several places, Temazcal is used for this purpose. Traditional midwives used it as a preventive, curative and during childbirth. The parturient is bathed with medicinal plants. In Temazcal, the pregnant woman's vulva expands, making labor easier. After childbirth, several baths with medicinal herbs are performed so that everything that had expanded returns to its original position.

If you would like to know more about what happens at the sweat tent ceremony, the answer is very simple: Come! Only your personal experience can clear any doubts.

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