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What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing breathwork is a deep healing process and a simple tool to get to know yourself better. The practice involves using breathing techniques to create a state of deep relaxation that allows for pent-up stress, which has been stored in the body since birth, to be released.

What is it for?

Rebirthing works in an integral and holistic way in the various levels of the human being:


The breathing exercises we work on help unlock our respiratory system, cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and increase our vital energy and body awareness.


The energy that can be mobilized by unblocking the respiratory system provides the person's ability to free himself in a natural, progressive and deep way from the stagnant emotions engraved in our cellular memory.


We become aware of limiting beliefs and negative or debilitating thoughts that influence us in our daily lives, our decisions and habits, and acquire tools to transform them. We strengthen our ability to be present with mental clarity, serenity and inspiration in everyday life.


Rebirthing practices are tools that can be integrated and used in our daily lives to be more present, connect more with ourselves, our innate wisdom, our purpose in life, to realize our essence and develop our gifts and talents.

We gain the ability to stop reacting to the outside and respond to situations from a state of conscious presence.

How does it works?

Imagine for a moment that we are like a water jar. The experiences of life that we've not integrated yet, like childhood or birth traumas, stagnant emotions, limiting mental patterns, those "I can not", "I do not deserve" you name it, and the latent talents waiting to blossom, form like a deposit layer in the bottom of this jar.

Through the breathing techniques of rebirthing we introduce more water into our jar and it overflows , creating a renewing energy flow. This stream of renewing energy gently “forces out” or helps release these "deposits", these stuck negative emotions which are stored in the “cellular memory” of the body. As these emotions are integrated and the breathing and energy flow continues, the breather goes a level deeper and achieves profound states of bliss, clarity and understanding about themselves or a specific issue they are dealing with.

The liberation of body memory and its unconscious structures lead to an awakening, an awareness that brings about a profound improvement in the quality of life. Ultimately, after a rebirthing session, you feel calm, clear and liberated, often significantly changing the way you feel about yourself or a situation and experiencing a lasting personal transformation.​​

How is a session?

Each session lasts about two hours. One part of the session is dedicated to the practice of connected conscious breathing. The rebirther guides the rhythm of the person's breathing, and once the blockages that may arise are dissolved, leads him to a free, flowing breath to reach the state of deep well-being that comes after the completion of the energy cycle which occurs in each session.

We dedicate part of the session for integration of the themes that come to the surface during the breathwork, Throughout the sessions we will discover some inhibitors of our happiness, such as repetitive and limiting thought patterns, and we will strengthen our life instinct, regain confidence, health, joy and creativity.


We share and practice different techniques that are easy to apply in everyday life to help overcome boundaries and achieve our goals, to be more focused, present and connected.

What are the benefits?

  • Re-learn to breathe and use conscious breathing as a tool for relaxing and integrating your experiences and challenges in your daily life.

  • Integrate your past and your personal history, which will facilitate you to understand, accept, forgive and free yourself from the negative experiences of your past.

  • Learn to respect yourself, evaluate your priorities and your limits.

  • Increase your self-esteem and increase confidence in yourself, in life, and in others.

  • Confront what happens to you in a more peaceful, creative and joyful way.

  • Get to know yourself better, in the various dimensions of your being.

  • Increase your energy and love for life.

  • Have better relationships with others.

  • Live with more peace and tranquillity.

  • ​Understand the way the mind works and make it be in your favor.

  • Raise your awareness.

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