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Eva Bellas

Medicine woman, doula, guide in healing processes of the Feminine, Temazcalera/Swetlodge guide, Kambo practitioner, herbalist and food alchemist.

For over 20 years I´ve worked closely with indigenous elders, shamans and guardians of the Memory from different tribes and traditions such as the Shipibo (Perú), Muisqa elders (Colombia), Sikhs (India), Maya (Mexico).

Ten years after my first contact with the Kambo medicine and having solved different health problems with it, was in 2016 in the Peruvian jungle that I received very clear signs to be of service to this medicine.

For that, I did a deep work of "diet" (the traditional Amazonian diet) with self-application of medicine, I participated in the "hunting" and extraction of the frog's secretion with the Matses (one of the tribes of Amazonia linked with the Kambo ), I collaborated in Kambo Naturista's "Kambo Training",, supported several group sessions in Aroiris Ecomunidad and supported as apprentice / assistant in the sessions of my companion Jon for about a year.

I have always felt the impulse for healing and service, a vocation for the nourishment of others (in the broad sense of the word), care and listening, which has been expressed for many years through conscious nutrition.

In the same way, I believe in the power of diet and fasting, which are present in various cultures since immemorial time, as a form of healing and bond with the Holy, the Divine.

After several personal experiences of healing over the years (through fasting, Amazonian diet, detox with supplements, maple sap diet, brown rice diet) I was invited to support the healing process of others through diets or fasting, in retreats and individual accompaniment.


In 2003 I was co-founder and coordinator in "La Encantada", a human development community in Barcelona. In 2008 co-founder in Centro El Encuentro, Sierra de Gata, Cáceres, dedicated to healing, human development and permaculture.


I am doula (training with "Maras Doulas", Barcelona 2008), giving practical, emotional and spiritual support in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and gestational loss.

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