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Jon Toribio

Holistic therapist, caregiver, father and medicine man, dedicated with passion to support healing and transformation processes with people seeking to improve their health, empower themselves and get to know themselves better.


I was born into a family of therapists and nature lovers, which resulted in fertile ground to wake up in me first the curiosity and then the passion for the world of healing and the awakening of consciousness.


I work as a therapist since 1999 and in these years I´ve been in permanent learning process, between trainings, courses, retreats in the jungle, on the mountains, accompanying wise elders, shamans and healers trying to understand how to improve our health and develop our unique human potential in harmony with everything around us. Searching to get to know myself and be a better person,


In my service I surrender myself with all my soul, being the integrity and depth guides in the process. I believe that the true ceremony takes place in daily life, being in the day to day where we must recognize ourselves, and everything with which we relate, as sacred. These therapeutic-ceremonial spaces are only a preparation, an aid to remind us of who we are and gain the strength to follow the path with joy and health.

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