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How is the frog's secretion collected?

In order to extract the kambo secretion,the frog has to be at liberty in its natural habitat, the Amazon jungle, otherwise it does not produce the secretion.

In order to collect the secretion we have to enter the depth of the jungle and call it imitating the mating song to which it responds ... Once we found it , is briefly tied and "irritated" so that it releases it´s milk and is quickly released.


Kambo Portugal works directly with Robinson of origin Matśes (Peruvian Amazon) with whom we learn and maintain a relationship of friendship and mutual aid.

Robinson, a simple and kind-hearted person, is always open to improving his practice in order to respect the frog and to promote the proliferation of this species by collaborating in the creation of protection reserves.

What are the benefits of Kambo?

The biggest benefit after kambo is that our natural resources, physicists and others, have a free way of expressing themselves,


Kambo is not a medicine, nor a natural drug, Not quite to substitute from outside the natural functions that our body should be developing. Our body is the temple of our soul, so let us clean it deeply, so that our essence has a harmonious abode to express itself in Health, with strength, peace and clarity. With kambo, we will cleanse and transform the that is preventing our potential from unfolding, that our holistic health will happen.

In the short term, the effects are a serene alertness, greater resistance to fatigue, hunger and thirst, greater ability to concentrate and mental serenity that can take several days or weeks.

Long-term Kambo strengthens the immune system, helps to overcome fatigue and improve overall health status.

What are the contraindications?

This is an indicative list of possible contraindications for receiving kambo. Even so, it is important to consult us if you have any serious health problem. Sometimes it depends on the stage of the illness or the constitution of the person receiving Kambo.

  • Heart problems

  • Low pressure medication

  • Leakage

  • Cerebral hemorrhage

  • Aneurysm or blood clots

  • Mental health problems (excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety.)

  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy. Or up to 4 weeks later.

  • Take immunosuppressants for organ transplants.

  • Addison's disease

  • Current and severe epilepsy

  • You are recovering from an important surgical procedure

  • Under 18 years old

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding a child less than 6 months of age

  • Lack of mental ability to make the decision to take Kambo.

How do I prepare myself to receive Kambo?

* Before confirming the session with us, we will send you a questionnaire form where you can share your current health status, intentions and needs. These general recommendations may vary depending on your particular case.

In order to facilitate this holistic cleansing process, a prior preparation is convenient.


It is important to find a purpose to receive the kambo. This purpose is our strength to go through the intensity of the process.


It is also very important to make changes in the diet. A light diet with more raw or steamed fruits and vegetables, whole grains are recommended as they will start the cleaning process.


You should avoid:

  • Red meat and processed foods

  • Flours

  • Dairy Products

  • Alcohol

  • Fried foods

  • Spicy

  • Sugar

  • Licit and illicit drugs (if you are taking any medication please consult us)

* Come to the session fasting (between 8 and 12 hours before the session)

And after the session?

It is very common after the session to feel full of life and clarity, yet physically tired.


After this effort in the kambo session taking care of us (body, mind and emotions) will allow to integrate and enhance the benefits of the session.


Here are some suggestions:


  • Obey your body, the signs you receive (rest, diet, attitude ...).

  • Rest and avoid crowded places.

  • Take 1L of coconut water or one or two miso broths (it is recommended to buy them before the session).

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables, opting for a vegetarian diet as much as possible

  • Avoid making too much physical effort, as kambo continues to work (on the day of application).

  • Drink enough water during the day itself and the day after.

  • Do not use drugs or alcohol because it could have adverse effects on the treatment.

  • Follow the list of what you should avoid for before the session

When will I feel recovered and ready for any activity?

Approximately one hour after your session you will feel fit for any activity, although you may feel tired.

In any case, it is highly recommended to take this day for yourself.

How many sessions will I need?

In the first treatment we work with a cycle of 3 sessions. In the first one, we´ll validate how do you react with the kambo,starting from a few amount and increasing it if necessary, until we reach the point where it works deep and gently with you.


in the next 2 sessions we will build up the process from the first one, going deeper in each application and giving space for the changes that will occur to be integrated in the real ceremony, your daily life.

In some cases, mainly when there is already a physical long term problem, it may take some more than 3 sessions .

Once the complete treatment is done, you can do a booster session when you feel it necessary.,usually once or twce in a year,as a maintenance and prevent method.


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