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Being a healthy carrier of the hepatitis B virus since I was born, my virus, about 7 years ago, activated and the viral load went up until the doctors started to prepare me for if this continued I would have to start treatment. Between October and November of last year I took Kambo and in January not only had my viral load dropped by half, but the fibroscan values dropped to 1/3, which is better than some people who don't have any problems hepatic.
Kambo is indeed an effective medicine that, in addition to these very visible results, also brings energy, focus and clarity.
Of course, the wise and loving presence of these two wonderful beings that are Eva and Jon are an absolutely essential support. Thank you my dears for being in my life.

Ana Paula Sousa 

commercial, Portugal

I highly recommend working with Eva and Jon! I had my Kambo cleanse with them and felt very well taken care of in the three sessions we had together. They are warm-hearted and very supportive, and I consider them to be true healers and masters. 
The Kambo cleanse brought me a strong connection to myself as well as clarity of mind, which is what I was looking for at that time. Another effect of the cleanse was that despite being around people with the flu on numerous occasions, and generally having a propensity to getting colds, I did not get ill ever since! It really does wonders on your immune system.

Masha Kovacs

Yoga teacher, Ukraine

  Reason for the session: depression, negativity, hormonal imbalance, weak immune system, body intoxicated by tobacco, alcohol, steroids, pharmaceutical drugs. I started the session completely in disbelief and disconnected, to the point of thinking "I shouldn't be here", but when I met Jon and Eva and heard the introduction of how the session would be I felt tranquility and a lot of humility. We started the session, applied medicine and circulating in the body, I tried to follow the indications given to me in the introduction of the session and there was light. Jon was controlling every moment and Eva filled my heart with affection and courage, I let myself go and take advantage of the moment for a deep cleaning. In about 20 or 30 minutes of session I was completely cleansed on a physical and psychological level, I felt almost as if I had been reborn (new energy, light, positivity). The next two sessions were less intense and completed the healing cycle.

As a result, I never got sick again, apart from a small sore throat or a slight cold, cured with tea and the immune system itself. No more darkness and depression, a lot of positivity and hope, I stopped tobacco altogether, I stopped drinking alcohol. occasionally 1 glass of wine with the meal once or twice a month. I started a cleaner diet, I ended up with sugar, fried foods, soft drinks and everything processed (these were my goals before Kambo but without success).  

Kambo is true Medicine, it worked for me more than a vaccine, it was a second chance at life!

LONG LIVE KAMBO! LONG LIVE to the real MEDICINE Men and Women!

Lucio Martins

admin, Portugal

Having problems with my gut and stomach for ages, feeling tired and in a big change of life situation. Jon was incredibly nice and detailed in explaining everything to me even before the session started. I went without fear and all my doubts had been. Erased. I felt extremely comfortable and can describe the kambo experience as an event which helped me a lot, especially mentally and gave me a drive and motivation afterwards like I was lacking for a long time. The 3 sessions were all different but always guided with a warm and carrying master Jon on my side. The feeling of giving yourself into loving and guiding hands with Eva and Jon as beautiful healers in this world is something I can recommend to everyone who is experiencing a difficult time in their life's.

Moritz Hartmann

Administrator, Germany

I have suffered from migraines for about 10 years. There were several attempts to try to reduce it (I had about 4 to 5 attacks per month in recent years). I've tried medication, acupuncture, reiki, among others, with no improvement. I did 3 Kambo sessions with Jon and Eva, the result is inexplicable. In addition to the affection and follow-up I received from both of them, I have had miraculous improvements. I used to have a constant headache daily for over a year that completely disappeared after the sessions. And the number of attacks has drastically reduced. 
I thank medicine for coming to me, and the luck of having received it through these two wonderful beings.

Caroline Barbora

Medical assistant, Portugal

Since I was a child I have always had a lot of problems with the digestive tract. Over the years I developed an "eating disorder" and "chronic gastritis". I tried different treatments without success. After a year and 8 sessions of Kambo each day I reap the benefits of treatment with this sacred medicine. In the last 5 months I have not had any discomfort or episode. After the second session I eliminated any chemical drug. Kambo has profoundly changed the way I eat, the way I position myself in everyday situations, how I decide to think, communicate and act. I learned to trust life more, to open my heart and listen to emotions so they can be digested. I am very grateful to Jon and Eva for all their support and patience in this process. They are a careful and attentive team. They are in the service of healing and exude presence, kindness and integrity.
Deep and eternal gratitude to this medicine that reminds you that the path is made from the heart and in Love

Inês Carpenter

web designer, Portugal

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