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Before the session you will receive a questionnaire form where you will be able to share your needs, your health conditions, medications if any, your intention to make the kambo, etc. After receiving your form, we will evaluate together whether it makes sense or not to do the kambo at this time. If yes, you will receive indications to prepare for your session, dietary recommendations if necessary as well as the practical details of the venue, available schedules, what to bring, etc.


Kambo is usually applied in the arm or leg in small spots on the skin and transported by the lymphatic system to the rest of the body. With a little burned  stick  we´ll mark small points in the surface of the epidermis, the least possible to be able to remove the first layer of skin and apply kambo on them.


It is interesting how this very specific way of application is used by the more than 50 tribes traditionally working with kambo since the origin of their use, and it is unique in relation to other medicines.


What will I feel?

Receiving kambo is much like getting on a boat in a tropical storm, where stagnant energies in your life and body will be transformed, cleansed and released.


The kambo begins to act almost immediately after it is applied. The most common is to start feeling a warm wave running through the body, making a general scanner that may be more focused on areas with some blockage or weakness. They are like the first winds of the storm, the Kambo exploring your energetic field in search of toxic substances or imbalances in the organism and beginning to work where it is necessary. It is also common to feel an increase in the heart rate in this first phase.

Then we begin to get nauseous, we are right in the center of the storm, where our stagnant energies are coming together to be transformed and released, which is the next stage of the process, the cleanse. This cleaning can be through vomiting, a bowel cleansing in the bathroom, you can sweat a lot or cry.

In some cases, especially when there is a large accumulation of toxins in the body, the face (the lips mainly) can swell, and we look like a frog. If it happens, it can last only the peak intensity of the session or even for a day.


After this cleaning comes the calm and the sun comes out. We are integrating the strength of medicine and calming, with a sense of work done, of strength, peace, clarity and lightness. It is common to become aware of the imbalance or internal disturbance that has been worked out and the steps to follow in this direction.

How long does the session take?

The dwell time at the peak of the cleaning process can be as short as 5 minutes or reach 30/40 minutes.

The total process lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes.

Approximately 30 minutes after the session, you will be able to perform normal activities, although it is advisable to rest,  follow some dietary recommendations and take the day to yourself, if possible, in contact with nature.


What are the benefits of kambo?

The biggest benefit after receiving Kambo is that our natural, physical and other resources have a free way of expressing themselves,


Kambo is not a medicine, not a natural drug. It is not intended to substitute from outside the natural functions that our body should be developing. Our body is the temple of our soul, so let us clean it deeply so that our essence has a harmonious abode to express itself in Health with strength, serenity and clarity. So let's clean up and transform what is blocking our potential from spreading, our Health .

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