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Healing Detox is a retreat to cleanse the body, clear the mind, balance the emotions, renew our energy and tune in to Spirit . A parenthesis in everyday life and a dive into a deep, effective and safe process of healing through the traditional ceremonies of Kambo and Temazcal, reinforced by a depurative and alkalizing diet.

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 Kambo is a healing method practiced by several indigenous peoples of the Amazon for generations, which consists of the use of secretion of a specific type.  of frog, Phillomedusa bicolor, as a holistic detox method .



It is a ceremonial sauna of purification, cleansing, rebirth and communion. Certainly  one of the first practices that humans received from the spirit world to reconnect us intimately with Creation


Throughout the retreat we will benefit from a curative, purifying, conscious and delicious diet. All meals will be vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free in order to enhance the healing and cleansing process.
We will use many organic, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, whole grains, algae, sprouts and probiotics, prepared by wise hands with love and presence.


We will be received in a large and bright house between the mountains and the sea,
with many outdoor spaces and beautiful pedestrian paths that will allow us to connect with nature, rest and enjoy the space between activities


Jon Toribio & Eva Bellas have led retreats together since 2005. Both have a tremendous vocation for healing and service and their work is very complementary. Both work with Kambo, Jon guides the sessions of meditation and breathwork and Eva takes care of the purifying, conscious and delicious food throughout the retreat.


18:00h Welcome
20:00h Dinner
21:00h Sharing circle

Saturday (Silence day)
08:30 Dynamics
09:00h Kambo Sessions
12:00h/17:00h Juices and depurative infusion/rest and nature
18:00h Detox soup
19:30h Sharing circle

Sunday (Celebration day)
08:30 Dynamics
09:00h Depurative infusion and supplements. smoothie or juice
09:00h Preparation for Temazcal
12:00 Temazcal
17:00 Fruits and miso broth
18:30 Circle of integration and closing



260 euros

3 Kambo sessions
1 Rebirthing Breathwork workshop
4 yoga sessions
guided meditations
integration and sharing circles
healing nutrition throughout the retreat
5 nights of shared accommodation

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