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May 30th to June 2nd

It was in the Peruvian jungle, one year

Healing Detox is a retreat to cleanse the body, clear the mind, balance the emotions, renew our energy and tune in to the Spirit. A parenthesis in everyday life and a dive into a deep, effective and safe process of healing through traditional Kambo ceremonies  reinforced by a purifying and alkalizing diet.


In this retreat you have the possibility to do the recommended complete cycle of 3 sessions with kambo in an intensive 4 days, a process that has proven to be transformative and very beneficial. We will accompany this process with healthy practices, delicious meals, lots of rest and relaxation in a wonderful space in the middle of nature.


  • 3 Kambo sessions

  • Integration circles

  • yoga

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork Healing

  • Depurative vegetarian diet

Limited to 12 participants.

A way of helping the body to recover from the various aggressions it suffers (such as stress, inadequate diet, negative emotions, pollution, chemical agents…) through the consumption of food in its purest state, liquids and medicinal plants that progressively favor elimination. of toxins and accumulated fats and the rebalancing of PH, reactivating the body's own healing capacity.

Jon Toribio


Munda Ecoturismos (Evoramonte)


Retreat with the indicated Program, Overnight in  shared yurt  and Meals - €255

Retreat with the indicated Program, overnight stay in  own tent  and Meals - €241

Includes all activities and  food.

Book in advance, space is limited (max. 12 people).

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