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Temazcal is a Purification and Rebirth ceremony whose purpose is to honor, thank and celebrate life, recovering and cultivating harmony with Nature for our well-being and that of all our relationships.

It is one of the oldest ceremonies we have to resonate with the flow of life in communion with the creative forces of Nature used by our ancestors for personal, community and transpersonal healing.
Here we have the opportunity to take a break from our routine, connect deeply with Mother Earth, look inside and listen to our spirit, our inner voice, awaken the healing ability latent in us, healing our body, cleaning it of toxins, releasing trapped emotions and negative thoughts to regain our power and our place in creation, as well as unique individuals and as members of humanity seeking to cultivate a harmonious relationship with all of our relationships.

Jon Toribio:
Health Facilitator since 1998 specializing in Natural and Holistic Medicine, trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Kinesiology, Rebirthing, Medical Biomagnetism among other healing tools.
Member of the Camino Vermelho Vision Quest Board, Peace Pipe Bearer, Temazcal Guide and Kambo Medicine Facilitator, Promoter of Holistic Detox Retreats and Personal Development Retreats, Trainer of Therapists, Founder of “Centro el Encuentro” , director of "Kambo Portugal".
He completed the four years of “Vision Quest” (4, 7, 9 and 13 days of fasting and silence) where he received instruction and permission to work committedly in these ceremonies. He received initiations and continues to learn from masters, women and men of medicine and grandparents of various traditions, such as Abuela Margarita (guardian of Mayan wisdom and the Red Path), Yuri Rodríguez and Adrian Benitez (Men medicine. Red Path of Uruguay), Leonard Orr (founder of Rebirthing), Masters Ynes Sanchez and Laura and Lila Lopez (master healers of the Shipibo Conibo nation- Peruvian Amazon) among others.

What to bring:
* Water bottle or canteen
* Pareo or towel,
* Blanket
* Shorts (men), pareo/bikini (women)
* Color seeds, flowers for the altar
* Fruit and nuts to share after the ceremony
* Tobacco (organic)
* Maraca, drum or other instruments
* Flashlight
* If you have any blankets you would like to offer to Temazcal
you are very welcome

45 euros
25 euros for those who participate in the temazcais regularly


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